10 Things Your Gynecologist in Scottsdale Wants You to Stop Doing Now

As a general rule, the office of your gynecologist in Scottsdale is a no-judgement zone where you can talk about all the things you’re too embarrassed to share with your friends or parents.

Still, there are a few common mistakes that doctors see repeatedly – and those mistakes can prevent you from getting the best possible care. Here’s what your gynecologist wishes you’d stop doing.

1. Being too nervous to schedule an appointment. It’s normal to be a little anxious, but don’t let that stop you from making the call. Ask friends or family for recommendations, and call around until you find a doctor who gives you a good vibe. When you make the appointment, just tell them that you’re really nervous because it’s your first visit and see how they respond.

2. Waiting until you’re sexually active to see your gynecologist in Scottsdale. Even if you haven’t had sex yet (and aren’t planning to anytime soon) a gynecologist is still an important part of your health team. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends scheduling your first visit between ages 13 and 15. You probably won’t get a pelvic exam that early, but the doctor can assess your medical history and help you with any menstrual problems.

3. Clamming up at your checkup. We know it can be awkward to chat about your vagina with someone you see once a year, but keep in mind your gynecologist absolutely, positively won’t be weirded out by anything you say.

4. Believing the “feminine hygiene” hype. Step away from those products that promise to make your lady parts smell like a field of wildflowers. Douches are actually associated with higher rates of pelvic inflammatory disease. Feminine deodorant sprays can cause irritation or allergic reactions, and they can create an imbalance in the chemistry of the vagina and lead to higher rates of bacterial or yeast overgrowth.
5. Worrying about your grooming habits. Your gynecologist in Scottsdale couldn’t care less whether you’ve got a Brazilian wax, an untamed wilderness, or anything in between.

6. Waiting out a UTI. If you have the telltale symptoms of a urinary tract infection, don’t waste time trying to treat it with home remedies. A UTI can affect your kidneys, so that should be considered urgent.

7. Googling all your burning health questions. Aside from the fact that you’ll probably convince yourself you’re dying from some rare flesh-eating parasite, online searches aren’t familiar with your medical history or risk factors like a doctor is.

8. Putting up with bad PMS. If you’re having severe cramps, a super-heavy flow, or wicked mood swings, your gynecologist wants to hear about. There are a lot of things that can be done, so you should be evaluated – it’s usually something simple that can be treated.

9. Slacking on safe sex. You may feel strange asking about birth control and protecting yourself from sexually-transmitted diseases and infections, but remember that your gynecologist literally talks about those topics all day. Your gynecologist in Scottsdale can give you a rundown of your options and help you choose the best option for you.

10. Canceling your checkup because you got your period. Okay, so you scheduled your exam, and then the morning of your appointment, you get your period. You may be tempted to reschedule, but it can never hurt to call the nurse and let them know.

Don’t make these mistakes – your health will suffer for it! If it’s time for a visit to your gynecologist in Scottsdale, call our office today to schedule your next appointment. Contrary to what you might believe, the office really is a no-judgement zone.