3 Sports Bras Made Specifically for Breast Cancer Survivors

Women who have undergone a mastectomy can sometimes feel as if the standard athletic wear available in stores no longer caters to them and their needs.

Nothing should stop you from enjoying the activities you have always loved, and with the vast array of athleticwear products and post-mastectomy sports bras made specifically for breast cancer survivors that are available online today, nothing ever will.

New You, New Needs

Shopping for the perfect post-mastectomy sports bra does not need to be more challenging than past bra shopping experiences. All you need to have is a good idea of what exactly you are looking for in terms of support level, prosthesis compatibility, coverage, and, of course, style.

  • Support

The level of support you need in a bra ultimately comes down to your comfort. Some post-mastectomy wear offers a “snugger” fit for added support, while others feature a relaxed fit that lends support during the healing process.

While some women are more comfortable with bras that include underwire, there are many options available that forgo the use of underwire for wider, supportive under-bands that offer security without irritating sensitive scar tissue.

  • Prosthesis

Your perfect post-mastectomy sports bra must also be compatible with your new breast prosthesis.

Many models feature pockets that can be customized to the needs of any woman. They can be adapted for single or double use or even left empty for those who have gone full or partial restoration.

  • Coverage

Unlike conventional sports bras, post-mastectomy sports bras offer better coverage.

They include more modest necklines and better underarm coverage to conceal any remaining surgical scars and keep your prosthesis in place.

  • Style

When you buy post-mastectomy sports bras, you should never need to compromise on your style. Luckily, there is a vast range of styles of post-mastectomy wear available online to suit the personality and needs of every woman.

1. Amoena Performance Sports Mastectomy Bra: High Activity

The Amoena Performance Sports Bra will get you back on the court or the track in style. The design features adjustable straps, reinforced side panels, and a way three-way adjustable closure for ultimate fit and support.

The soft microfiber fabric wicks away sweat while the mesh side and center panels make it both breathable and stylish.

2. Amoena Zipper Mastectomy Bra: Medium Activity

If you are looking to get back into your favorite medium-impact sports, such as cycling, hiking, or aerobics, the Amoena Zipper Mastectomy bra is a great choice.

The design features a front zipper closure that is both stylish and practical for post-mastectomy patients. The wire-free design has a sporty racerback and a flattering rounded neckline. It is also pocketed for use with breast forms and shapers.

3. Coobie Fusion Yoga Bra: Light Activity

The Coobie Fusion Yoga Bra is an excellent option for strength training, yoga, or even everyday wear. It offers lower support to prioritize comfort. With its wide adjustable bands and soft nylon fabric, it might just become your favorite loungewear.

Regardless of your needs, a post-mastectomy sports bra can get you back to doing the sports and activities you love.