5 Reasons to Adopt Electronic Signature Solutions for Online Forms

If you’re thinking of adopting online forms in your business, and streamlining and automating
your business, you may be wondering if you should support an electronic signature for online
forms. The answer is “yes!” Electronic signatures are a great additio
n to every type of web form
for the following reasons.
1. Electronic Signatures Are Simple And Intuitive
Chances are, your customers or employees have used an electronic signature for online forms
before. It’s commonplace for things like opening an onl
ine bank account, applying for a job, and
for numerous other day
day tasks. E
signatures are simple and intuitive
and are already
widely used.
2. Electronic Signatures Are Safer Than Paper Signatures
Using an electronic signature for online forms i
s more secure than using a paper signature, as
you can collect metadata about where the signature was signed, when the signature occurred,
and on what device it was signed. This increases security, and keeps your the personal
information of your customers
3. Increased Convenience Increases Employee And Customer Satisfaction
Remote authentication is a must
have in our modern business world. Whether you’re working
with local businesses or individuals, or global companies, an e
signature provides a muc
h more
convenient method of authentication, compared to alternatives like printing and scanning, faxes,
or “snail mail.”
4. Turnaround Times Can Be Dramatically Reduced
When filling out an electronic signature for online forms, there is no need to print
any kind of
form, or close the window or use another program to print or fax a different form. No downloads
are required, either.
The person signing the form simply looks at the terms and conditions, enters their name and
date, and verifies their signatu
re. It’s just that easy, which helps you minimize user friction, and
speed up overall turnaround times
which is especially important for sensitive, mission
5. Electronic Signatures Help You Save Quite A Bit Of Time And Money
a fax machine or a virtual fax, or a verification system like DocuSign can be expensive,
compared to using an electronic signature for online forms. The same is true of mailing forms
and paperwork for in
person signatures
the time it takes to print, send
, confirm delivery, and
receive these forms can stretch into days, or even weeks.
Using an electronic signature for online forms, though, is much more convenient, and saves you
both time and money. You’ll save on postage, mailing supplies, and so much mor
Start Thinking About Transitioning To Electronic Signatures Today!
If you use an electronic signature for online forms, you can eliminate unnecessary costs,
administrative overhead, and so much more
and provide a better experience for your
customers. That’s a win
So think about how you can overhaul your current p
based signature systems, and use an
online web form designer to implement E
signatures. If you do, you’re sure to start seeing the
benefits right away.