7 Rules for Creating a Successful Lead Generation Form for Your Blog

Successful Lead Generation Form

Blogging is an extremely powerful wayto promote your website, services, or products –and generate leads. So, how can you make sure that your blog is effective at generating leads? By using a great lead generation form! Here are 7 tips you should use to create a successful lead generation form.

1. Provide A Clear Value Proposition

If you’re asking for someone’s personal information, you’d better be giving them something in return –your newsletter, a whitepaper, an exclusive article, or any other value proposition that will be appealing, and encourage the user to complete your form.

2. Eliminate Unnecessary Navigation Elements

One common trick when creating landing pages and lead generation forms is to remove the upper and lower navigation bars to reduce distractions, and help users focuson filling out their forms. This is an effective and simple way to gain more leads, so we recommend it highly.

3. Simplify The Form And Reduce It To The Bare Essentials

There should be absolutely no unnecessary fields on your lead generation form. The simpler your form is, the better. If you must include an optional field, mark the mandatory fields with an asterisk –but we recommend trying to eliminate these fields, if at all possible.

4. Use A Clear CTA (Call To Action) Button

A CTA is anything thatasks a user to do something. Sign up! Get started! Redeem your offer now! Learn more! Use a clear, simple CTA that corresponds with the value proposition you’ve provided for your users, and you’ll bring in more qualified leads.

5. Include Your Privacy Policy

Nobody wants to be spammed, or wants to have their data shared without their permission. So, on your lead generation form, you should include a link to your privacy policy –to ensure that those who sign up will have peace of mind.

6. Place The Form Above The Fold

“Above the fold” refers to the part of the page that loads first, and will appear even without scrolling. Placing your form here is much more effective than hiding it “below the fold”, where it won’t be automatically visible.

7. Make Sure Your Form Works –Eliminate Errors

Even someone who is interested in what you have to offer will be frustrated if your form doesn’t work properly, or has an error upon submission. Make sure to use QA (Quality Assurance) testing to eliminate any potential errors or problems with your lead generation form.

Bring In More Leads With These Simple Tips

By following these 7 tips for lead generation, you’ll be able to get more qualified leads, expand the reach of your blog, and continue building your business. So consider which tips you can use today, and start improving the user experience for your readers right away!