Many people who love Salsa are recent converts. They may not have been exposed to prior recordings that contain some of Salsa's best music. Folks constantly ask for suggestion of music to buy. A novice collector should begin with several compilation CDs. This provides the listener with exposure to many styles, voices, and variations in instrumentation. One can decide what artists and styles most appeal to him or her.

The second step is to include specific album titles that have been best sellers. Some of the best sellers are older issues that have been re-released on compact disc. Where does one begin considering the vast array of recordings?

In keeping with Salsamundo's mission to educate and develop greater appreciation for the music, this article is offered to assist fans in their quest to build a solid music collection. Fifteen albums are listed. Each CD contains many song titles that are sure to please. The CDs listed will be well worth the monetary investment. Additional titles will be added periodically.




ARTIST                                           TITLE                                     YEAR

Larry Harlow                                 SALSA                                      1974

Larry Harlow.JPG (28277 bytes)



Roberto Roena                     Apollo Sound 6                                 1974

Roberto Roena y Su Apollo Sound 6.JPG (27111 bytes)



Hector Lavoe                                La Voz                                               1975

Hector Lavoe.JPG (26843 bytes)



Ray Barretto                              Barretto                                          1975

Barretto.JPG (26169 bytes)



Eddie Palmieri                                      Gold                                      1976

Eddie Palmieri.JPG (34176 bytes)



Bobby Valentin                              Afuera                                        1976

Bobby Valentin.JPG (35430 bytes)



Sonora Poncena                        Musical Conquest                            1976

Sonora Poncena.JPG (35936 bytes)



Fania All-Stars                     Tribute to Tito Rodriguez                            1976

Fania All-Stars.JPG (34449 bytes)


Fania                            Various Super Salsa Singers                          1977

Suoer Salsa Singers.JPG (123194 bytes) Super Salsa Singers_2.JPG (106834 bytes)

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Tipica '73                                   Salsa Encendida                                     1978

Tipica.JPG (25284 bytes)


Luis Perico Ortiz                             El Astro                                                1981


Luis Perico Ortiz.JPG (35157 bytes)


Quintana Y Papo                                Mucho Talento                                    1990


Ismael Quintana y Papo Luca.JPG (39982 bytes)


Conjunto Classico              Lo Mejor de Conjunto Classico                     1994


Conjunto Classico.JPG (40677 bytes)



Raphy Leavitt                              Somos El Son                                       1995


Raphy Leavitt.JPG (37346 bytes)



Ismael Rivera                         19 Grandes Exitos                                     1995


Ismael_Rivera.JPG (33814 bytes)



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