Companies that Manufacture Cleaver Style Folding Knives

If you’re in the market for a cleaver style folding knife chances are you’ve been doing a lot of comparison shopping.

What is a Cleaver Style Folding Knife?

Don’t get the wrong idea. When I talk about a cleaver style knife, I am not exactly describing a cleaver like this one.

A cleaver style folding knife has the blade of a cleaver. This means it is a flat knife with good surface area and a blunt, not pointed end. But, as the name suggests, it folds up like a pocket knife.

What to Look for when You buy a Cleaver Style Folding Knife

Both bricks and mortar and online opportunities exist. As a matter of fact, you can buy a cleaver style folding knife online and perhaps save money. But you need to know your options before you make a final decision.

The knife you buy needs to fit what you expect to do with it just as the chef’s meat cleaver fulfills his purposes. There are some excellent cleaver-style folding knives on the market.

Before you go shopping think about your options. Do you want a serrated blade? Do you even want a folding knife? Are you looking at pricier, big name knives? Here are some good choices:

1. Kershaw Pub Black Knife

Beyond just a cleaver knife this is a multi-purpose tool. The Kershaw knife can be used for slicing, mincing, dicing, and chopping. It also contains a screwdriver, a mini crow bar. Kershaw’s cleaver comes on a key chain. You can add your keys or hang it around your neck on a lanyard. The Kershaw is under $20.

2. Böker Magnum Knife

Priced in the same range, the Böker is a quality cleaver knife. It will dice, mince, slice and chop anything in your kitchen. The Böker Magnum is built to take a beating. The blade is made of stainless steel and nearly five inches long blade. It’s an attractive knife with a Rosewood handle.

3. Gerber Flatiron Knife

A relatively new product, Gerber’s Flatiron Cleaver Knife is a good multi-purpose tool from a company with a great reputation for good quality craftsmanship. The stainless steel blade is almost 4” long. knife. You pay twice as much for this one as you do for either of the above brands. Some would swear it is worth it.

4. Columbia River Knife and Tool Ripsnort Knife

CRKT has a reputation for making on of the best pocket knives on the market. One of designer Philip Booth’s creations, the Ripsnort has a cleaver-style blade constructed with locking liner and flipper opening. At $60 it is pricey but a great gift for a budding chef.

5. Ontario Knife OKC Carter Prime Knife

The Ontario Knife OKC Carter Prime Knife has great detailed work and an effective cleaver blade. This knife can meet and exceed any chef’s expectations. At $80 it will be a knife any chef will prize.

While there are many other choices from reputable companies, these are my five favorites across a price range from economical to more luxury range.