What Do Disability Lawyers in Michigan Do?

Disability lawyers practice in the field of disability law. Disability lawyers in Michigan practice specifically in disability law in the state of Michigan. Retaining an attorney who focuses on a specific area of practice and specialized in your state’s law can be beneficial for you as the client because these attorneys know the complexities of their state law the best.

What is a Disability Lawyer?

A disability lawyer is an attorney who handles cases of discrimination against individuals with disabilities. Legal representation by an experienced disability lawyer can significantly increase your likelihood of being approved for benefits or for winning your case.

Disability law is primarily concerned with preventing discrimination against those individuals with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) legally protects these individuals, which prohibits employment, housing, education, and access (to public services) discrimination against people with disabilities.

Disability Lawyers in Michigan

Every state can pass statutes specific to disability law, so long as those statutes comply with the ADA. Thus, each state has its specific considerations in disability law cases. Disability lawyers in Michigan have knowledge specific to the state and in the practice area. Michigan has the state-specific Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act, as well as various acts specific to employment, education, housing, and access.

The Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act is similar to the federal ADA, in that it protects individuals with disabilities from discrimination. Like other state-specific laws, the Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act is only applicable to residents or cases of discrimination in the state of Michigan.

Federal ADA

What Disability Lawyers Do

Disability lawyers in Michigan are, first and foremost, advocates; they can serve their clients both proactively before a case of discrimination has occurred, or retroactively, after a case of discrimination has occurred.

Disability lawyers can communicate with employers, housing authorities, school administrations, and public entities to address actual or potential cases of discrimination against individuals with disabilities. When an employer, landlord, or entity refuses to address or remedy discriminatory practices, a disability lawyer can seek the legal remedy for the discrimination on your behalf.

It’s important to note that “individuals with disabilities” is defined in precise ways. While an “individual with disabilities” can be a person with an impairment that limits some area of their life, or a person who has a history of that impairment, there is another definition in the case of a possible ADA violation. That is when an individual is regarded as having an impairment, even when they don’t have that impairment. This definition makes it even more critical to retain a disability lawyer, who can help determine the most accurate way to present your case.