Five Things to Look for When Choosing a Sober Living House in York Pa

1.  Sober living houses are ideal places to stay for those who are trying to give up substance or alcohol abuse related problems. Basically speaking, these are group homes for those who are coming out of addiction issues. However, those who live in sober homes are required to follow certain rules and regulations. Also, they are expected to partake in certain chores of the home and give time and effort to keeping the place neat and clean. What is most important is that they stay in the home in a sober state at all times. This kind of lifestyle helps a person come to terms with life without using drugs or alcohol et al. In the United States, this kind of life is very common with those who need help to transition between rehab and living life in an independent manner.
2. Mostly, such homes are owned privately. However, sometimes they are also owned by business people and charitable organizations. These places are generally located in quite places and this helps people get used to a de-addicted life in a sober and quite manner. There is a difference between rehab centers and sober homes. The former are stricter in their rules for those living in them. Those who reside in sober homes can come at their own time provided they follow certain stipulations in their movements during the day and night. For instance, after work, the residents here are required to be back into the home by a given time limit. The people here are also tested from time to time to ensure they are keeping sober.
3. The sober living home must itself too adapt to certain conditions and stipulations. Those who live in them are also expected to be responsible for certain activities. This is very essential since steps like these only will go a long way in ensuring their wellness in times to come. The residents are required to pay their own rent and also buy food for themselves. In essence, they are expected to do all those activities which they would if they are living on their own in the normal world.
4. Violating the rules of the sober home usually results in very unpleasant consequences for the residents. They may even have to pay a fine for doing so. Also, they may be asked to write an essay about which rule they have broken and why they did so.
5. At times, to ensure that residents are sober, they may even be asked to not use certain kinds of mouthwashes or even cook with certain types of ingredients. Usage of such items may result in the residents testing positive for alcohol or drugs and then they may again be subject to certain fines and other negative consequences. In addition, the residents have to perforce not get violent with others staying in the sober home.
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