Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated officially each year from September 15-October 15. [email protected] to book presentations that are culturally relevant, entertaining and educational.The Origins and Development of Salsa is a presentation by Eileen Torres that has received high praise from audiences at The Kennedy Center, National Geographic Society, The Pentagon, colleges and universities, and Salsa Festivals in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Holland. The presentation appeals to music and dance fans of all ages. The program begins with the African drumming traditions brought with the slaves to Cuba. The decade-by-decade journey travels to Cuba in the 1930s. The excursion continues with stops in New York City in the 40s, Mexico in the 50s, and Puerto Rico in the 60s. It reveals the effects of the “British Invasion” on the decline in popularity of Latin music in the 60s and Carlos Santana’s introduction of Latin themes in rock music. It continues to the 70s Golden Era of Salsa and in to the emergence of Salsa Romantica in the 80s. It speaks of the current state of Salsa with the Colombian, Venezuelan and Peruvian influences. Salsa music clips from Japan, France, Finland, Sweden, Israel, Holland, Congo/Zaire and Senegal are played.

Once the question and answer period has concluded and time permitting, it is time to get moving. A one-hour dance lesson in basic Cha-Cha and Salsa follows. Audience participation is well received. The participants are amazed at how quickly they learn. It is geared for beginners and intermediates with progressive patterns taught.

Ms. Torres can also assist with other entertainment needs. She can book Mariachi bands, Salsa Bands, Disc Jockeys, and a variety of dancers. Call (202) 863-3994 for details and pricing.