How to Choose Best Genital Wart Remover?

There are many options out there when it comes to choosing an effective treatment for genital warts but what is best genital wart remover for you ? Our Clinical Strength Somxl ® is developed and designed for fast wart removal and it can be done in private, by you and now without a RX from your Doctor or a Clinic visit.

How do you choose the best services for you? Look for a treatment that uses medically proven active ingredients.  Our Somxl ® genital wart formula uses the active ingredient Salicylic acid as one of its active ingredients.  Don’t be concerned with the term acid, at this concentration it does not burn. Salicylic acid is the best genital wart remover used in medicine.  It is also FDA approved for the removal warts. It works by penetrating the warts abnormal skin cells and breaking them down until they disappear.

However this process can take time so we infused Ozone into our formula to speed up the process. Ozone floods the infection with oxygen, which has two properties. First oxygen is a highly effective killer of Viruses, bacteria and fungus. So it will attack the virus that is causing the wart. Second Oxygen will help the skin rejuvenate replacing the the cells destroyed by the infection leaving brand new healthy skin without the signs of the infection. That is why you should also look for a treatment that repairs the skin after the wart has been removed.

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Your research should also check to see what other customers are saying about the treatment.  Genital warts is the most common of the STD’s so many others have been through this ordeal before you. The treatments available have been tried by others, read what others say to help guide you. Remember its important to read many do not take one or two cases as fact, that would be dangerous and you could make a mistake, read as much as you can to get a feel for the general consensus.

Clinical Strength Somxl ® uses a google certified independent review site Somxl ® has a 4.3 star rating from hundreds of satisfied customers that used our treatment and gave reviews. We take pride in helping many people get through this terrible disease and you can read about many of those success stories on

So when you are researching which genital wart treatment to purchase, look to see if its using medically proven active ingredients, check that it not only removes the warts but also restores healthy skin to the way it was. Finally see what others who have used a treatment say about its effectiveness. We know that Clinical Strength Somxl ® will remove your warts and heal you again.