How to Find Best Professional Bail Bonds Agent Near Me

A good bail bondsman can provide you the best support when you get arrested. However, with bad
“agents” continually giving the bail bonds service a bad name, it’s natural for you to screen them
before you sign up. Here’s what you need to do to find the best agent for your case.


Many agents will show up when you search “bail bonds service near me.” You have to be careful
about doing your search because the top result is not exactly the best one for your case. Narrow
down your search to agents that have complete details in their website such as contact number,
physical office, services offered, as well as payment options.
If you wish to know more about our bail bonds agent in Denver, please feel free to check out our
website. You can get to know more about PDQ Agents and how long they have been in the service.
All the information you need to know to make that initial contact with us is at your disposal anytime.

Location of the Denver bail bonding agent

You need to get the agent nearest you if you are facing incarceration. However, there are instances
when the closest agent may not exactly be the best. What if your loved one is arrested here in
Denver, Colorado and you live in California? Bail bond laws differ between California and Colorado.
You need a local bail bondsman in Denver who knows the court and bail bond laws in the state of
arrest to ensure accuracy and efficiency of service.
The agent’s office must be located near the detention facility. You don’t want your agent to spend
an hour traveling just to get to your Denver County inmate. PDQ Bail has an office located minutes
away from the Aurora Detention Center. If you need immediate bail bonds to help your loved one
get out of jail fast, our agent is just a phone call away.

Look for reviews

Search the BBB website for reviews and rating of the bail bond company the agent is affiliated with.
You should choose a company with an A+ BBB rating. This means that the agent works with a
company that has strict business and ethical standards for bail bonds in Denver, CO. Don’t go for
companies that did not resolve any bad reviews about their services.
PDQ Bail is among the best companies in BBB. Our staff is well trained and knowledgeable, so you
know you are getting someone who has dedication when it comes to customer service.

Confirm license to practice bail bond service

The Colorado Division of Insurance requires a Denver bail bondsman to have a license to practice in
the State of Colorado. You can run a check through the DORA website to confirm the license and

registration of the agent as well as the company they are working for. Cross out the agent from your
list if you cannot find if his/her name in the DORA roster. A licensed agent adheres to regulations set
by the Division of Insurance and is subject to penalties and sanctions when facing violations.
All our agents are licensed, bonded, and insured. We make sure our licenses are regularly updated
and valid. Always ask for our agent to show his/her license before you conduct business.

Verify experience

Experience matters when you are providing a service, especially when it comes to dealing with the
safety and security of a loved one. An experienced Denver County bail bondsman can fluently
answer all your questions about how do bail bonds work. He/she also knows the needed resources
and course of action when you encounter problems during the bail bonding process. The years of
experience your bail bonding agent has will give you a bird’s eye view about his/her capabilities as
well as the speed of service.
We build our reputation through 40 years of providing bonding services. Our Denver bail bondsman
also has more than 10 years of experience. You will get no less than efficient and quality service
when you hire our bail bondsman.

Ask about fees for Denver bail bonds

Before you ask for fees, know first about the conditions of the bail, especially the amount of bail
expected from you. Compare this fee to the premium your bail bond agent is asking. The Colorado
Division of Insurance regulates the premium to be as low as 10 percent bail bonds depending on the
nature of the case. If an agent says he/she can provide cheap bail bonds lower than the standard
rate, you are not dealing with a licensed bail bondsman.

All fees required for posting bail on your behalf should also be stated in the contract, explained to
you thoroughly, and issued with a receipt upon payment. If you have questions about fees when you
are searching for “bail bond service near me,” do not hesitate to ask your agent. If the agent is not
upfront with his/her charges, you should follow your instincts and choose a different bondsman.
Always choose an agent who is always available no matter what time of the day. PDQ Bail is a 24-
hour bail bonding company in Denver, CO. We are always available to take your call and answer all
your questions about your bail bonds Denver issues. Our staff will handle your calls with extreme
confidentiality and discretion. Don’t hesitate a minute more and call us at (303) 778-0026.