How to Get Rid of Termites: Termite Inspection and Treatment

Termites, in a sense are the most dangerous of all pests. They operate in such a manner that the very basic structure of your home or office can get eroded away in a matter of a few years. What is worse about this whole scenario is that they may not be visible or noticeable in the beginning stages – this actually means that it may be too late to salvage the situation after you have discovered their presence.

Different types of termites

Subterranean termites– these are creamy white to dark brown or black in color and are long, narrow and oval in shape. The dampwood termites may be about half an inch in length; drywood termites may become up to an inch in length.

How does one come to know if you have termites

If your home is made with wood, it is best to be aware that you may be infested with termites. It is best to keep checking the floor of the house, cupboards and any other places which are made with wood. Termites damage the wooden structures of the house by chewing on it while they are looking for cellulose. As time goes on, the wood becomes weaker due to this reason and the floors, windows, cupboards et al can even collapse since they get hollowed out from the inside. One can, in some way, come to know of hollowness inside the wood by knocking on the structure.
Also, termites have wings. Thus, at times one can come across wings from dead termites or even the discarded ones from living termites in places like near windows and doors. On occasions termites come across just the place to be able to dig in their claws in, they shed off their wings. A sure sign of termite infestation is mud tubes here and there. These could even be up on the wall, or even in cupboards and elsewhere. Termites need temperature control for survival. Hence, they build these tubes so that they are able to retain moisture in them and survive properly. You could knock off a portion of a tube and observe if termites are found crawling out of them or not.

How does one do termite control?

One can kill termites with certain chemicals. However, before embarking on this plan, it is best to know if the chemicals you are using are permitted by law or not. For this, it is advisable to get a professional who knows this job to do the work for you. For one, Permethrin dust is said to give instant results. This also works for getting rid of ants, ticks, wasps and the like. Arsenic dust is another chemical which really is effective for termite control. Also, it is low temperatures which do away with termites – for this, one needs liquid nitrogen to bring down the temperature. Flooding the place where termites are residing is another way of combating this menace.
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