How Trenchless Sewer Repair Technology can Save Your Property in Wichita, KS

It’s amazing how technology keeps advancing each and every day. What previously took weeks of digging to complete, that which required a vast number of manpower and massively bulky machines to perform sewer repairs now only takes a few technicians to do the task, a micro-camera and other hand-carried equipment, and a bit of time to do an excellent job! Here’s a clear outline of how the innovative trenchless method differs from the traditional sewer line repairs.

Camera Line Inspection

Dealing with the small issues such as minor drain problems can save you time and money before the problem becomes a full-blown emergency situation. A sewer or drain line inspection can save you from troubles along the way and help with better maintenance of your property. Plumbers certainly weren’t able to do these types of inspections before. Now they know exactly what they are looking at and where the problem lies without having to dig.

Sewer Line Problems

Repairing or replacing a sewer line, or even just a section of the whole system may be necessary when drain cleaning efforts won’t suffice for any of the following issues:

-Pipes that are broken, cracked or have collapsed due to frozen settling or shifting soil

-Corrosion which has caused older pipes to collapse.

-Severe grease buildup or restricted flow caused by a foreign object

-A “bellied” pipe pertaining to a portion that has been sunk due to soil conditions, whereas the low spot accumulates wastes that cause repeated sewer blockages.

-Massive amount of roots that can’t be cleared with a cable machine.

-Leaking joints due to broken seals where both water and sewage wastes are allowed to escape.

Trenchless method is today’s ultimate sewer replacement and repair technology for Wichita, KS homeowners dealing with sewer and plumbing issues. The cutting edge method works even if you just wish to have your existing sewer or drain lines inspected, or if the professional plumber has found small cracks forming along your sewer lines, and most of all, if major damage has been found. Almost all sewer line problems can be solved with the ‘no-dig’ method of trenchless repair.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

The trenchless sewer repair innovation replaces your underground pipes without all the destructive digging of trenches and excavation of the ground, thus saving both your landscape and money. Here’s how it works:

-Two small access holes are made, one to get to the pipeline and another hole at the end of the damaged pipe

-A resin-coated, flexible tube is pushed through the old pipe to be eventually inflated

-The resin hardens to ultimately form a new pipe right inside your home’s old pipe line

Basically, the trenchless technique involves insertion of a new pipe into an existing old, damaged or worn out pipe. This quick and easy method has one fantastic advantage- it saves your property from any damage, but only on top of big savings in both time and money, and contributing to a better world by opting for an environment-friendly procedure.