Overview of the Best Powered Carts for Healthcare Facilities

Powered carts for CPUs and laptops

Powered carts for CPUs and laptops truly maximize a healthcare professionals precious time and limited space in hospital rooms. The most efficient carts should be specifically designed to accommodate a laptop, making it easier to access patients’ electronic files, medication information, and any other electronic database your medical professionals will need to provide first-rate healthcare.

Security is another essential feature that few carts feature as a built-in option. For example, it is important to find automatic locking drawers to store sensitive information or equipment.

Many will be able to accommodate the height of every health professional on the team with adjustable vertical controls.

Battery Technology

Powered Carts should be portable, without any sort of power cords to get in the way, and be powered by a long-lasting lithium battery. These batteries can be easily swapped when the power is low and charged in an efficient manner to guarantee that you are never without your power cart. Powered carts for CPUs and laptops should be able to provide you with a battery power alert that is visible on the interface to promptly inform when you are on your last hour of power.


If the original structure of the cart is not exactly the structure that works best for your procedures, it is possible to tailor it for your unique methods. You can add on baskets, peripherals, and virtually unlimited cassette drawer.

Height Adjustment

Accessibility is essential in any workplace to accommodate the height of all medical professionals to promote sustainable ergonomics. No one should have to strain their body or hunch their shoulders to see a screen. There should always be the option to sit or stand while accessing digital content in the workplace.

Brands To Consider

There are many manufacturers to choose from such as Ergotron, Rubbermaid, Humanscale, Enovate, and Scott-Clark Medical.

Scott-Clark Medical

  • Customizable storage space
  • Lithium battery swap options and last hour battery alert
  • Compatible with laptops, notebooks, tablets or PCs


  • Offers over thirty models: specific to laptops, built in computer systems, tablets or general workspaces
  • Height adjustment from 29.3”-48.9.”
  • Accessory shelves and built-in drawer


  • height adjustment up to 20.”
  • 3 DC power outlets
  • 55 amp/12 V battery with a recharge time of six hours


  • Monitor arm tilts 15 degrees and offers 90 degrees of rotation
  • Built-in monitor or flat surface for laptop
  • Instantly adjusts to users digitally entered height

Powered carts for CPUs and laptops should provide the ideal combination of a large workspace and also be compact enough to navigate tight spaces. Every medical office is looking for something different in their powered cart, yet should be accommodated with guaranteed accessibility and long-lasting battery power.