Sometimes the Road Most Traveled Leads Home

It’s a long way from Havana to New York if you travel by way of Europe, South America and the Dominican Republic. Sometimes, by way of defection or in pursuit of freedom, this is the road one must travel.If you were born Jose Antonio Pena in the 1960’s the choices were compelling. Continue to travel through Europe and Latin America as the sonero for the famous Tropicana Review or risk everything but the shirt off your back for that most cherished of human ideals, personal freedom?

The answer for Jose Pena was not easy. Artistic freedom– which he enjoyed under Castro’s regime– had a tremendous pull. But personal freedom, that was worth risking everything. And so began a 12,000-mile odyssey to freedom.
Well practiced in his vision, Pena had many clues that his was a life destined for places most people never see. A child actor on Cuban television in the 1960’s, he was featured in the first children’s color film produced in Cuba. From there the precious youngster was admitted to the renown Amadeo Roldan Academy of Music in Havana. Coming to the attention of the Tropicana Review, Pena was handpicked as a lead vocalist. From there his world widened and became more exciting as he traveled throughout Europe and South America.
But the dream beckoned. While enjoying more freedom than most in his country, it was insufficient. Pena’s freedom knew no boundaries, no fear. In 1987, he secreted away from his troupe in Austria, and defected from Cuba.

He never looked back. After Europe came Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and finally the United States. His new life eventually brought him to New York and with it, a new name to document his route to freedom: Miles.

Well traveled but not road weary,  immediately set out to conquer his new country. Since arriving in the U.S. Miles has recorded four dynamic and outstanding albums. His international experience coupled with his musical education has earned him the respect of his fellow musicians and the adulation of his demanding public.
As is typical of those who achieve freedom at such great cost to themselves-Miles laments that his family remains behind. His voice has grown stronger, more vibrant, more knowledgeable.His latest album for RMM Records, Mis Ideas, has fused many influences from his newfound home along with his many personal experiences. Seven of the eight compositions were written or co-written by Miles. It is a perfect blend of classic Cuban sound mixed with contemporary Salsa.

It is a tribute to this amazing artist that his music has been featured in major motion pictures such as The Cowboy Way, Final Gesture, and The Break.

Intelligent, charming, embracing, and searching, Miles is imminently approachable. This is a man who has not forgotten where he came from, where he is going, or who is most responsible for his magic-his fans. If there is a star shining on Miles Pena, it is leading him to a greater public.

Este Amor Tan Loco, Miles’ breakthrough song on his new album, Mis Ideas (My Ideas), has been at the top of the radio and music charts overcoming established artists Gloria Estefan and Victor Manuelle. Miles Pena will be one of the few artists who will build bridges to diverse audiences as they find that his ideas are Mis Ideas.