Spotlight: Derringer Firearms

If you are looking for a unique, quality firearm made in the United States, consider a derringer. Derringer firearms manufactured today get their inspiration from their legendary Old West past. They are great for use in reenactments, movies, shows, recreational use, and as collector’s items.

Derringers make useful and cherished keepsakes sure to be passed down from generation to generation. Derringers combine history, performance, and reliability into their products. Choose from both single action and double action firearms as well as special additions and of course keep an eye out for new products. There’s something for everyone.

Let’s take a look at the different types available:

Texas Commemorative NRA Series

The National Rifle Association (NRA) commissioned the manufacture of this commemorative derringer series as a tribute to the Texas pioneers who fought for and settled the Lone Star State. This handgun is available in stainless steel, and the over-all length of the gun is only 4.82 inches, including the 3-inch barrel.

Like most derringers, it is a single action, 2-shot weapon. Consumers can choose from either a light or a dark-colored pistol grip based on particular preferences and tastes.

The Model 1 Engraved Series

Like the Texas Commemorative NRA Series, this pistol is just under 5 inches in length, with a barrel of 3 inches. However, this beautiful pistol is not just a firearm but a work of art with custom engraving on both the grip and the barrel.

It has a 2-shot capacity and hammer block type safety. This means the safety is automatically disengaged when the hammer is cocked.

The Model 4 Alaskan Series

This unique series features two different pistols, the M-4 Alaskan Survival, and the standard M-4. These derringers are slightly longer than the Model 1 Texas commemorative, measuring 6-inches overall.

The grips are made of Rosewood with a high-polish stainless steel barrel. They each have a 2-shot capacity and a Hammer block type safety. These are both a beautiful piece of art and reliable firearm.

Why Buy a Derringer

Here are some of the top reasons why derringers are great to own:

  • Derringers come in all sorts of calibers depending on your preference.
  • All derringers are very small, lightweight, and easily concealable.
  • These guns have a big bore and can pack a big punch.
  • You can customize a derringer with your preferred type of grips and holster.
  • You can buy Derringer firearms online.