Treating Neck Pain Naturally

Neck pain is extremely common. In fact, it is among the most frequent complaints heard by chiropractors, neck pain doctors, and other orthopedic medical specialists.

In part, the frequency of neck pain complaints in modern society is a factor of how we live our lives today, with a great deal of time spent staring at a computer screen or television and sitting in traffic.

Neck pain doctors in Waterford, MI, have many traditional treatments they use to prevent and treat chronic neck pain. These include surgeries, over-the-counter medication, prescription pain medication, and topical pain reducing lotions.

However, many people wish to avoid the risks associated with surgery, such as infection and complications associated with anesthesia. In fact, surgery is not indicated for most types of neck pain. Other people may wish to avoid reliance on taking pills to feel healthy or may have concerns about developing a dependence on pain medication.

It is for these reasons that people seek out alternative natural therapies for neck pain treatment.

Alternative Treatment for Neck Pain: What You Need to Know

Several alternative treatments for neck pain that are provided by neck pain doctors in Waterford, MI, and other medical and holistic health practitioners. These include physical therapy, massage, chiropractic care, and much more.

Physical therapy is a highly recommended therapy for cases of neck pain that are related to muscular problems. A qualified physical therapist can help recommend exercises and a regimen that can help develop the muscles that support the neck and alleviate pain in the muscles through correcting postural alignment and increasing strength.

Massage therapy is another good treatment for muscular pains in the neck. It is especially helpful in cases of muscle pain where the pain relates to knots in the neck muscles. Massage helps to relieve tension and pain in tired neck muscles and can be a very relaxing treatment. People who have pain related to incorrect sleeping posture and excessive time spent staring at screen often greatly benefit from massage treatment.

Chiropractic care is among the best treatments that neck pain doctors can provide. Chiropractic treatments work through the manipulation of the spinal bones to reduce subluxations, which are tiny misalignments of the vertebrae in the back. These misalignments result in incorrect innervation in different areas of the body depending on the vertebrae that are affected.

By providing manual manipulation of the spinal bones, a chiropractor will relieve nerve-related pain in the neck. Though people often report pain relief immediately following their first treatment, it is recommended to have chiropractic treatments on an ongoing basis for effective chronic pain relief.