How to Troubleshoot Upgrade Issue Of AOL Desktop Gold?

Sometimes AOL desktop gold users confront issue with AOL desktop gold when they endeavor to do AOL desktop gold redesign. This issue happens in view of different causes like defective, PC, arrange, inappropriate software download and so forth yet as like another specialized issue AOL desktop gold, this issue additionally is reasonable with some investigating procedures.

A Solution of Upgrade Issue with AOL Desktop Gold

1. Inconsistent System Requirement

Most AOL users confront this issue since they don’t have a clue about that AOL desktop gold software can work without causing any issue, just when it meets certain system necessities. These system necessities are as per the following:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 266MHz or higher
  • Memory: Minimum 512 MB free plate and 1GB RAM
  • Screen resolutions: 1024 X 768
  • A decent web association

You ought to dependably remember all these system necessities at whatever point you download AOL desktop gold.

2. Utilize a Good Switch

On the off chance that you will utilize a 100% good switch with AOL desktop gold it will work easily and won’t cause any issue because of a web association.

AOL works easily with a switch which has customizable MTU settings and backings PPPoE associations. When you utilize a remote switch, a N range would be extremely productive in light of the fact that they cover a vast separation.

To associate AOL desktop gold with the switch you require just AOL accounts accreditations subtleties and MTU set to 1400. A few switches don’t bolster MTU. Thus, they have TCP MS settings rather than MTU, for that, you should set the units in 1320.

3. PPPoE Association on AOL

  • Dispatch the new association wizard and tap on Next tab.
  • At that point tap on associate with web and Next.
  • At that point set up the association physically. After that interface utilizing a web association, enter the username and the secret key of your broadband association.
  • At that point tap on Next and utilize a novel name in ISP Name.
  • At that point utilize the true username and the secret phrase and afterward tap on Next to finish the association procedure.

4. Restart Your PC

When you adhered to the all given guidance. Restart your PC.

5. Reinstall

In the event that all the given advances don’t work, you ought to reinstall the product once more. For that uninstall it, of course, complete an appropriate and clean most recent AOL desktop gold download process and introduces it cautiously.
These were every one of the means to remember when you confront update issue with AOL desktop gold. Additionally, you can approach AOL desktop gold customer support number when you confront any specialized issue with AOL desktop gold.