What to Expect Following a Scottsdale Labiaplasty

So, you’ve researched labiaplasty and you understand the procedure and what is involved. You may know that you want a labiaplasty and you may know what is involved during the procedure but do you know what you should expect after the procedure? Today we’re discussing what you can anticipate after a Scottsdale labiaplasty.

Like any other surgical procedure, labiaplasty requires some downtime.  Because it is in such as sensitive area, you may require some special care or particular precautions may need to be made before or after the procedure.

Many patients are unhappy with the appearance of the genitals. This is a common concern for women of all ages as there is always discussion over what is “normal” and what looks “pleasing”. But when it comes to your vagina and how it looks, there really is no normal or expected appearance; however, if you do feel self-conscious about your appearance, there is a surgical solution available to you.

Here’s what to expect following your Scottsdale labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty is typically performed under general anaesthetic, twilight sedation or local sedation, and the procedure takes approximately 45-90 minutes. When completed, you will steadily wake up or become more and more alert as you recover from the anaesthesia.

You will not be able to leave the office until you are able to eat, drink and be fully alert. This includes walking without assistance to the bathroom. Once you are able to go home, you will be required to have a friend or family member pick you up and take you home.

Minimizing pain and inflammation. You will most likely be prescribed a medication for pain. Many patients find that they don’t need to use these, or they only need to use them for the day following the procedure. We recommend icing after the procedure to prevent inflammation, using an ice pack or even a pack of frozen peas for this.

 You will most likely be staying in bed for the following 2-4 days after the procedure. Most patients only require 2 days of rest following the procedure, but to reduce swelling some patients choose to take 4 days off.

Is bleeding after a labiaplasty normal? Yes, you may experience some spotting after the procedure. During the first couple of days and directly after we recommend that you wear a pad for protection. You can switch to a panty liner when the spotting reduces, which normally happens after the first day.

 Can I shower after having labiaplasty? Yes, you will be able to shower after the procedure. We recommend using a gentle heat during the first couple of days just to be safe and reduce irritation.

 Can I exercise following my Scottsdale labiaplasty? We recommend that patients refrain from physical activity directly after the procedure or while they are resting. Patients should walk as little as possible so that the area does not get irritated and return to their normal exercise routine approximately 2 weeks after the procedure.

 When should I contact my doctor? Some pain, inflammation and bruising are to be expected during the two weeks after the procedure. You should notice the amount of this gradually improving over this time. If after the first week you feel that your pain has gotten worse, you may need to see your doctor. If you notice any puss after the first 2 days, please contact your doctor.

Want to know if a Scottsdale labiaplasty can address your concerns “down there?” You don’t have to wonder!  Call our office today to schedule a confidential consultation so we can discuss any issues you are having, answer your questions and determine if you are a candidate for the procedure.